Breathwork, a powerful door to healing

Connected Conscious Breathing is a circular breathing technique guided by a skilled facilitator in a safe and intentional space.

It is an opportunity to connect to the « spirit of the breath », which refers to the innate intelligence within each of us, the universal life energy, which naturally seeks balance and healing. 

This deep breathing technique removes emotional blockages and provides our body with the oxygenation it needs for a deep detoxification.

By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, we allow our body to regenerate and access vitality and clarity within us. 


Breathwork is the doorway to the inner self. 

For thousands of years, humans have discovered that by altering the rhythm, ratio, volume and flow of the breathing cycle, they can achieve experiential and perceptual changes in consciousness. More recently, in therapeutic applications, the changes experienced through conscious, connected breathing have been shown to trigger a deep sense of inner connection and emotional intelligence.

Life does not « happen » to us. It happens for us. And nothing goes away until we learn what we need to learn. Even if it is sometimes uncomfortable, everything we bring to consciousness is in service of our development. Our life, soul lessons will continue to present themselves to us until we can receive and integrate them fully. Breathwork allows us to do this essential work. 


“One-hour conscious connected breathwork is equal to about two years of psychotherapy.”– Dr Henry Smith-Rohrberg

« It was simply amazing. »

I was able to experience the beautiful Breathwork experience with Camille and it was simply amazing. It’s a powerful method that combines perfectly with Camille’s gentleness. I felt accompanied, supported, encouraged, all this at my own pace thanks to her listening, her empathy and her kindness.

Mélanie O.

« I’d never have expected to feel so many sensations and get such answers in one session! « 

 I was completely unfamiliar with Breathwork until I had my first Breathwork experience with Camille. I’d never have expected to feel so much sensation and get such answers in one session! Having pain in my lower body, I had cut myself off a lot, and for the first time in a long time I was able to connect with it in a pleasant way. I can only recommend Breathwork with Camille who holds the space with so much warmth.

Hanaa K.

« A timeless and powerful moment « 

I was lucky enough to experience a breathwork session with Camille, a gentle way to come back to myself, to my body, to serenity! It was a powerful and timeless moment that helped me to find softness and love for myself! Thank you Camille!

Anaïs B.